Installing Ubuntu

Install Ubuntu

  1. Download ubuntu iso:
  2. dd if=iso of=/dev/— bs=4M
  3. Disable Intell RST in the bios. Ubuntu sent me to, which wasn’t that helpful. Boot into bios, then set SATA controller to AHCI. (Make.. sure that that the SSD is still enabled after you do so.)
  4. Boot into laptop (XPS 9300: press F12 while booting). Follow the prompts. It’s easy!

Update system

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt autoremove


sudo apt install i3 git zsh tmux python
git clone
cd dotfiles

Log out, log into i3.

Other packages

sudo apt install ssh keepassxc

# vim compiled with +clipboard, to share vim and x clipboards
sudo apt install vim-gtk3

# Screenshot utility
sudo apt install maim xclip

sudo apt install curl feh build-essentials
snap install --classic code
# in vs code terminal
ext install vscodevim.vim
# Set "keyboard.dispatch": "keyCode" for capslock -> esc
ext install matklad.rust-analyzer
# (make sure to also download the server)