This website!

0. HTML (2015)

I wrote the first draft of this one-page website in HTML directly, using Foundation as a layout engine. I picked the two shades of blue then and I’m still using them now!

1. Jekyll / Foundation 5 (2015)

Converting to Jekyll and Markdown was my third and fourth commits, which I did basically as soon as I decided to start adding content to the site at all.

2. Foundation 6 (2019)

A short detour. I updated my website to Foundation 6, but never actually changed any of the text on the website. This was my first time using a CSS Grid-style layout, rather than the 12-column style of original Bootstrap and Foundation. Kinda neat.

Foundtion is too complicated for my website. When I touched my website this time, I started thinking about moving from Foundation to Skeleton (or the maintained fork, Barebones).

3. Bare CSS (2020)

I have a problem with CSS. It’s the same problem every time. I’m impatient. I skim a few pages on what I’m trying to do, skip the nitty-gritty explanation that explains what I was trying to do, then guess-and-check the various related directives until something works. And when nothing looks quite right, I finally give up and actually read the guide from the beginning:


Flexbox (and Grid) are really cool. It’s really satisfying to build an entire, responsive, layouted website using nothing but four lines of CSS.